Naruto - The Epic Ninja Statue

With sizes ranging from 30cm to 1m/12″ to 40″, the Naruto - The Epic Ninja Statues are a combination of nostalgia and unique design for any fan or collector. Coming to Kickstarter soon.

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When Anime Meets Design

Single-colored and shiny, these statues are true pieces of art for any fan or collector. Our vision was to create the figure around the universe of Naruto while remaining true to the atmosphere of the anime. 

Naruto - The Epic Ninja Statues pay tribute to the iconic character created by Masashi Kishimoto 20 years ago.

Choose Your Pose And Color 

Not only will you be able to select from three figure sizes, you'll also be able to choose from three iconic poses: The Will of Fire, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Fighting Side by Side. 

The figures will be available in: Black, White and Orange. 

Which one will you pick?

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